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Hosting Packag​es


Digital Marketing Packages

It’s your time to grow through digital marketing

R250 p/m
  • Setup of Facebook
  • Weekly Post on Facebook
  • Free Add on Smart-e Network
  • 1 Custom Designed Add per month
  • Monthly Report
R500 p/m
  • Setup of Facebook Page
  • Setup of Instagram Page
  • Free Add on Smart-e Network 
  • 3 Post per week on Facebook & Instagram
  • 2 Custom Designed Add's per month
  • Monthly Report
  • Setup of Facebook Page
  • Setup of Instagram
  • Free Add on Smart-e Network 
  • 5 Post per week on Facebook on Facebook & Instagram
  • 1 Custom Designed Add per week
  • Monthly Report

Server Management

Our team will take care of your infrasturcture with industry leading SLA's
We’ve got you covered
As Server Administrators  we’ve got the server management tools needed to solve your problems. 
If you need help, we’re right here for you. 
Some common requests we resolve are:

Cloud Server Troubleshooting
We will help you setup services and  resolve errors in your cloud servers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.).

Backup Setup & Restoration
If you need your data restored from backup, or need your backups reconfigured, we will do it for you.

Security Audits
Our security experts will audit your servers periodically and fix any server vulnerability we find.

Disk Space Management
With regular disk space audits, clearing junk files, space expansion, etc., we prevent disk space issues.

Cyber ​Security 
We will keep your servers bullet proof by tightening security settings and setting up security software.

Software Update & Patching
At periodic intervals, we will install pending software updates and apply security patches.

Disaster Recovery
We will help in full or partial restoration of your server in case something goes wrong.

Corrupted RAID recovery
We’ll rebuild your software or hardware RAID if it gets corrupted.

Bruteforce Mitigation
If someone tries to bruteforce your server, we will block their IP to protect your apps.

Fix Email Errors
If your business mail, marketing lists, or other mails fail, we will fix that.

Website Monitoring & Rescue
With performance monitoring & server optimization, your server will be in safe hands.

IP Blacklist Removal
We’ll delist your IP, and patch the vulnerability that caused the blacklisting.

Database Repair
Bobcares server administrators will recover your data, or restore it from backup.

Infected Website Recovery
We’ll restore a clean backup, or manually clean the site if backup is unavailable.

Database Optimization
We will audit your database settings to find performance bottlenecks and optimize your database.

Service Optimization
We will regularly optimize your database, app and web servers to ensure super fast response times.

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The WiISP Difference

Support by Engineers, Computer Technicians

At WiISP, your business will be supported by certified Computer  Engineers with extensive knowledge about servers, operating systems, networks and DevOps.

20+ years Expertise

You will have the benefit of utilizing the expertise of computer engineers with more than 20 years experience in the IT industry

100's Servers supported
over 20 years

Over the past 20+ years, WiISP has supported many servers of companies, SEO's website owners, data centers, etc. We achieved this growth by treating the business of each one of our customers as our own.

Remote service available anywhere in the world

Our headquarters are located in Johannesburg but we have remote capability and can offer most of our services online and remotely anywhere in the world.

Supported technologies
We support online businesses that include digital marketers, web hosts, data centers, SaaS companies, and more. 
With the wide scope of industries & companies we assist, we support a lot of technologies, 
both widely used & niche software.

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 +27 60 886 3014   +27 83 5765391

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 Office Hours: 08:00 - 17:00

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